CCR - Proud Mary with Bass 2018.03.09 - CCR - Proud Mary with Bass

CCR - Proud Mary with Bass

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What drums are you using with this ?

Isn’t Rock with Bass now Rock With Rick Bass - if so it doesn’t work ie No bass

Rock with Bass

I think that the Rock with Bass was crafted by Guitar Stu and the Rock with Ric Bass was done by Phil_Flood. Two different approaches to crafting kits where the bass notes are positioned differently in the MIDI scale. That’s probably why you don’t hear the bass notes. The first most likely does not have the bass notes modified for non-percussion while the second probably does.

I had a Rock with Bass 2-28 that was replaced by the Rock with a Rick Bass. As Persists notes, there are a couple different approaches to designing a “with bass” kit. I place the bass below the drums in the midi spectrum, usually using notes 0 through 31. Some others place the bass above the drums using 63 through 91.

Thanks for the explanation.
I’ll have a shot at producing the song using Rock with Rick Bass and post it later…