Rock & Rick Bass 0-31 (Rock with Bass 2 - 28)

Centered kit - only 1 BB output needed.

This kit replaced Rock with Bass 2-28. The new Singular Rock kit is used, adding several instruments. Bass was replaced with a 4001 bass from the IK Multimedia MODO Bass plug-in. The plug-in provides a couple bass tuning options which are great for BB. First, any 4 string bass can be made into a 5 string, adding that range from B0 through Eb1. This give use our C1 through Eb1 samples. More importantly, there is a “high action” option. This gets the strings off the fretboard for clean bass tones, with no string buzz on the low notes.

I used the Rick 'N Bass version.

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Thank You so much this is great help, for song files

Thank for the feedback.Much appreciated.