Rock & Rick Bass 0-31 (Rock with Bass 2 - 28)

Centered kit - only 1 BB output needed.

This kit replaced Rock with Bass 2-28. The new Singular Rock kit is used, adding several instruments. Bass was replaced with a 4001 bass from the IK Multimedia MODO Bass plug-in. The plug-in provides a couple bass tuning options which are great for BB. First, any 4 string bass can be made into a 5 string, adding that range from B0 through Eb1. This give use our C1 through Eb1 samples. More importantly, there is a “high action” option. This gets the strings off the fretboard for clean bass tones, with no string buzz on the low notes.

I used the Rick 'N Bass version.


Thank You so much this is great help, for song files

Thank for the feedback.Much appreciated.

If I understand this, Bass tracks written in the C1 scale should work, but A1 and B1 don’t play (sound).
Moving the track to the C2 scale silences bass altogether.

I do not believe you understand it correctly. The actual sounds of the bass notes in the kit range from C1 through G3. They are mapped, however, in the range of midi 0 through 31, or what we would possibly call C -2 though G0. This allows us to still have the drum kits pieces using General midi mapping at 36 through 59, with a metronome sound at 33, and a shaker at 82.

The Beat Buddy only permits us to have one midi track to activate sounds. This is similar to a midi type 0 file, but we cannot have multiple channels embedded intro the track. Thus, we have 128 slots, and only 128 slots available for sounds. We are also limited to a combined total of 100mb for the sounds in the drumkit.

So I should move bass track down a scale to C0?

I move the bass track down to C-1. You usually want the lowest note to be E -2, that’s E minus 2, the lowest E available in the midi range.

If you are building a track, audition it and get it working at a normal audible range. Then, move it down to the low octave range before merging it with the drums.

I got it working! Remapped Bass to C0. Everything working fine now.

Thank you Phil

Could someone please share this kit? Thank you

You mean the kit at the top of this thread? :sleeping:

Look in the first post in this chain. It’s there, and it’s in Resoutces>Drum kits.

I have the rock with rick kit - I meant the one that will work with proud mary by CCR. The rick kit doesn’t produce bass notes with the ccr tune - any other bass kits I have add funky sounding sub octave notes to the bass and sound terrible

Which Proud Mary? Guitar Stu? That is not mapped for this kit. The kit works exactly as it should. Like DC-Rind explained, he moved the bass notes down. You open the song in a midi editor, select the bass notes, which are mapped between D3 and G5, and you then move those notes down 4 octaves. That gets the song fitting this kit.

I’ve never used a midi editor before - I’ll see what I can do. Thank you

Actually there’s more to it than that. This song was written before we had kit that processed midi off. Hang loose a few minutes and I’ll have it for you.

Here ya go:

Proud_Mary.sng (6.5 KB)

Thank you for your help. I really appreciate it

I think Guitar Stu’s songs were designed for the original Singular with Bass kit. You might want to pick that up.

Okay - thank you again for your time and help