Rock & Rick Bass 0-31 (Rock with Bass 2 - 28)

i loaded the set but no bass??

The bass in the kit is mapped at 0 through 31. You need songs with that mapping. Some songs use a mapping scheme of 63-91.

Thank you- your work is really helping me and appreciated

Good afternoon Sir, Was wondering if this is an updated version of a Rock with Bass that you designed in 2017? The created date on the file is 7-24-17 and I have used it for over a year for me and my wife’s duo. It is great and added so much, but I found that I did not have any control over making notes staccato and not holding.

Yes, this was made to replace that kit. The issue with being able to produce staccato should not be present in this kit. Early creations of mine were more error prone. But, also, there were firmware updates to the BB, and there were BB Manager updates that fixed the issues that related to the unit’s failure to recognize midi note off. If you are using current official version of BB Manager, this should work well for you. Try downloading and installing it and they try it with your songs. The kit will not override or erase the exisiting Rock with Bass kit on the BB. But, just realize this is for songs that had a 0-31 or 2-28 bass mapping. if the bass parts in the song are at midi 63-91, this will not work.

Good luck.

Thank you. You seem very versed in this area and I have learned in my years to be resourceful. I’m wondering if there is a better way for me to arrange/ develop the music we perform. I am a lead guitarist and played on the road in numerous rock bands over the years. That being said, I am not a drummer, but have played with some of the best.
I usually write one button-press loops for an entire song. I compose the drum-score in a program called musescore. I have tried to add the bass guitar part in the composition, but it would not audibly play. So now, after I compose the drum score, I import it back into BB, and have to write the bass part one note at a time. Is there a more efficient way to do this sir? Thank you for any help

I am not familiar with the midi exporting capabilities of muse score, but here, generally, is the process. Since the BB views all of its midi as a single midi track rather than instruments on separate channels, kits for OPB have been created with instruments assigned to various ranges within the 128 note midi spectrum. Bass is usually assigned to notes 0-31, or C-2 through G0, while actually sounding as C1 through G3. in some kits, the bass is assigned to notes 63 through 91, Eb3 through G5, while actually sounding Eb1 through G3.

I suspect when you are exporting your arrangement from Musescore that, if the bass is exported at all, it is being exported into its “as written” range" at C1 through G3. Essentially, if you can transpose your base -36 semitones, and then merge that with your drum part, the bass would be in the right range, and you should be able to hear it. Likewise if using a 63 through 91 kit, the bass would need to be transposed up 2 octaves to get it where it belongs.

I use Logic Pro, as I am on Mac. The issue with some programs is being able to merge two tracks, your drums and your bass, into one track for midi export. If you have access to another midi capable program, you might see what it can do. If Musescore can merge tracks for you, that is the way to go, but again, you need to realize the the bass needs to be exported in range 3 octave below where it is normally written to play in kit like the Rock with Bass 2-28.