CCR request

I’m looking for beats for Who’ll Stop The Rain, Lodi and Proud Mary.
Any other CCR songs would be appreciated as well. Thanks

both lodi and proud mary have been posted “with bass”:

Thank you for the links. I always appreciate a helping hand.

I just put up Rain…enjoy.

Fortunate Son too aashideacon.

I’ll get to it!

he’s already done one …I’ve been trying to transpose it it to C …unsuccessfully :frowning:

I think that this is what you want. Aashe has it done in E, the song is actually in G.

Thanks Phil … I was just loading this into my midi editor to take another crack at it …
Your edit has the 2nd chord in the verse as an A instead of Bb tho . :frowning:
I appreciate what you guys do … it’s still boggling my mind …or, what’s left of it ! :wink:

Yeah, I just realized that too… It’s the auto transpose that I use… Now,mic you can wait, I’m re-doing the entire tune to make it easier on the pedal and place it in its proper key which is G by the way… I just don’t want to step on anyone’s toes so hang in there for a bit.

:wink: In C too … oh please sir …more pudding !

Here it is in G, re-done. I’ve combined the Main and Chorus together, left the bridge is as. Added an OUTRO which fades out somewhat. I’ll work on the ‘C’ in a bit for you.

I wish I had my camera behind you taking screenshots :wink:

oh oh …parsing problem

oops …sorry … dont know what happened … try it again with these … I tested them and they import fine!

You nailed it !! :wink:

Hey Thanks … just out of interest, why C? Singing?

By the way, in the next few days I’ll do Who’ll Stop the Rain

Yeah …I can’t squeeze my (b**ls) hard enough to hit Fogerty’s range … :wink:
yet, have you ever seen the rain fits well enough.
Thanks again …was getting behind in my BB practice …lots of cool tunes to explore.

Here’s one for you … havent posted it completely yet … but you get it first

Talk about timing …lol
Heavy rain is expected. A strong frontal system will stall over the south coast tonight and Saturday.
Rainfall totals up to 100 mm are likely near the North Shore mountains of Metro Vancouver beginning this evening through
Saturday evening, with 50 to 70 mm expected.