Celtic jigs, reels and hornpipes.

Please generate some Celtic rhythms for us fiddle players, we want to join in the fun!

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Please. I enquired about this a year ago.

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Celtic would be really, really, really useful.
Also Indian, as in Tabla/Bayan. That could go in all kinds of directions.
Unique drum sets, rythyms… Read “open entirely new market$”.

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Do these Celtic rhythms require special instruments? if you can gather high quality samples of these instruments, you could make a “drum kit” that has them all available, and then you can make midi snippets to trigger them. The real power of Beat Buddy is that it is user driven! :slight_smile:

Well, yes for Celtic/Irish/Scottish/etc… you’re talking bodhran, for Indian it would be mostly Tabla/Bayan.
I own them all, but alas lack the skill to sample them and create said beats. I understand the user driven concept, but I would consider myself as rather a student driver in ability. Not to mention that is just not where I want to spend my time. I want to drive the car, not spend hours under the hood if you know what I mean.

Im going to bump this thread because I would like to see this as well. While I don’t play Irish/Celtic music a lot (and what I do play is a bit more “mainstream Celtic”) It seems to be a bit more popular than a lot of the pre-made options that are currently on the Beat Buddy - this is not a criticism of the Beat Buddy, but there are so many options, and many are very obscure. With the popularity of groups like Mumford & Sons and Rend Collective, I’m surprised there isn’t the option

I would also like to see this, here in Canada we play a lot of East Coast music with roots of Irish and Celtic.

Evolution du sujet sur les rythmes celtiques pour la pédale BeatBuddy


Bump. Would love to see this.

+1 and a Celtic / World Folk ? Kit… Please