Centered trio kits?

Hi all,

I really appreciate the trio kits done by Phil Flood and thank him for sharing them.
For my setting, when not going to take the mixer, but just a two ways amp, with on one channel guitar via BB and on the other the voice, I would need the kit just all centered…
I understand that the only way to do that is to open each wave file and change the pan setting there (either set to mono or copy one channel to the other) is this correct?.
Now has anyone already done that? It would save a lot of work duplication…

You would need the original wave file to do it that way, since these are all stereo files, either panned hard left or hard right. What you need it a summing cable, that would have two mono guitar jacks on one end, and one mono guitar jack on the other end. They are hard to find, but you can make one from available Hosa cables. The path is Beat Buddy >Hosa YPP-136 > Hosa GPM -103 > Hosa CMP 110. That will get the stereo signal of the Beat Buddy into your mono channel.


Left channel output is mono if nothing is plugged into the right channel output , if I’m not mistaken. It should sum left and right together in mono.

It does not. All of the stock sounds are panned center. So for Singular it made no difference. My kits are panned hard left and hard right to have independent adjustment of the drum level without changing bass and keys. To do that, I had to use both channels. To get all the sound, the signal needs to be summed outside of the pedal, either in a mixer or in a cable.

HI Phil, I am waiting for the cable to arrive, meanwhile I remember I saw one post from you where you were saying that someone had edited one of your kits to have drums in the center, would you point me to it? So that at least I avoid redoing this part. thanks

That is for the NP Jazz Trio Brushes XRP, with the drums in the center.