Change song / drums on BB via midi using Boss RC-300

Is there a way to change BB songs / drums via MIDI when using a Boss RC-300 (specifically) or any midi device in general?

Currently, I have my Boss RC-300 controlling my BB - starts and stops and syncs perfectly, but I can’t seem to find any way to set the song and/or drum selection to a phrase memory bank on the RC-300. I’d like to be able to assign and change songs and drums on the BB for each saved memory bank so when I change songs (phrase banks) on the RC-300, the BB chooses the correct drum and song for the song in one move - if possible. I’m guessing that I can always assign a drum set to a song on the BB so the BB defaults to a particular drum set as a first step, so maybe all that is needed is a way to change songs via MIDI?

If the SYS: MIDI PC Out (Program Change out - page 34 in the Boss RC-300 user manual) is on while changing phrase memory banks on the RC-300, the BB changes both the drum kit and the song when moving from one memory bank to another (unfortunately, always changes to same song / drum at this point, though…), so it seems that some sort of program change is being sent to the BB, but for the life of me I cannot figure out what message or controller within the RC-300 is making that happen or if I would have any control over that?

Does anyone have any insight they could share on whether or not changing songs / drum via midi is possible on a RC-300 and if so, how does one control the parameters?

Thanks in advance!

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