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@BrennanSingularSound, @DavidPackouz
Before Aeros, I used the Infinity looper. I had it set to switch at the end of the loop. There was an option I discovered of switching sooner by pressing stop then pressing the opposite loop at the desired time (which switched immediatly). This would allow me (in freeform) to switch from say a 4/4 to a 2/4 measure. If this is possible could someone please enlighten me or if not, is it something SS would consider?

@BrennanSingularSound I never got any response to the above question. Tonight I played with the global settings. I don’t know what constitutes a loop or end of measure because they are the same result in changing song parts. I have a loop with a one bar percussive locked track, two additional tracks (bass and rhythm acoustic) being 4 bars long and finally a lead line being 8 bars long. In either selection “end of measure” or “end of loop” it changes parts at the end of the longest loop. Selecting “immediate” is too difficult in the heat of the moment.

Hey there sorry we missed this,

This is still not something that can be done unless the global setting is set to Change Part Immediately, unfortunately this doesn’t allow the Aeros and BeatBuddy to stay in time and causes desynching. They’re isn’t really anything we can do about desyncing in this case.

You could try recording the song in 2/4 to “trick” the Aeros to change halfway between a 4/4 measure.

Thank you for your patience.

Thanks Brennan. I’m using free form so that doesn’t work.

We may be able to support multiple time signatures per song (one per part) soon, otherwise there will probably never be a way to have a poly-meter song part, the only way would be to use Freeform/Auto quantize (once it is built) and come close to it

Thanks for the report

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