Change songs in Bandhelper?

Hi. Could somebody help me?
I connected my IPAD (bandhelper) now with Beatbuddy.
How can I Change programs from bandhelper to the Beatbuddy. What paraneters I have to choose at bandhelper resp. beatbuddy?

Page 14 on the mid manual explains what control messages to use…I use Songbook + and works fine. I do not know bandhelper, but see if it has a midi control message page in the edit part of the song…should be able to plug in the values…there are several videos using OnSong to control Beat Buddy. Should work the same with your app if it has this feature to send midi control messages?

Here is an OnSong video…but seems more complex then using Songbook+ App…

Hallo Arno,

is this problem still existent? Just saw your old thread and maybe this could help you because it seems to be the same problem.