Change tempo BB also change Aeros and quantize

Would it be possible to change the tempo in Aeros (for recorded loops) when the tempo is changed on BB? I’m guessing that would involve some form of quantizing?

Probably possible but we may never go this route, the audio quality of the Aeros is one of its best assets and we cannot promise this quality if we allow time stretching which requires requantization of the audio along with stretching/compressing,

For this reason, we may not do this at least not for now.

Thanks for the question!

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Thank you for replying, and I totally understand your response.

I use the BB and Aeros to practice against primarily. Sound quality not of the utmost importance in that context. I’m also a terrible guitarist. Being able to record part of a track and then play back at different speeds would make the BB and Aeros a helpful practice combo.

All that said, I understand you have development priorities, I just wanted to flesh out an alternative use case.

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