Change the pitch of bass and keys in OPB and OPBK songs?

This is my first post to the SS forum I’ve been a member for a while, just never posted. I’m also new to the BB and Aeros, I’ve been live-loopin with the Boomerang III for years and years and couldn’t resist the feature set of the Aeros. I bought it and the BeatBuddy and now I’m trying to understand the BB ecosystem. I’m thrilled at the user-created song files available in the forum…that’s just the kind of community giving I love to be a part of. I’ve figured out how to upload .sng files to the BBM, I can upload the drumsets that make these OPB and OPBK songs tick. But I’ve hit a wall when trying to change the pitch of the bass and keys in the song files. I need to drop a 1/2 step for many artists like Tom Petty in “I Won’t Wack Down”…I’m all good in standard pitch until the “Hey Baby” in the chorus. So I just drop the pitch of the song 1/2 step so I don’t lose my voice during a long set or gig. Is there a tutorial on how to do that with .sng files that I can review?

This search result might help you get started:

Thank you very much sir, that’s exactly what I was looking for. All the best.