Change Time Signature In Song

I have run into a few instances where a song in 4/4 time will have a single short measure of 2/4, typically in a fill for example. I program in the BBM, and it appears like you can change the time signature for a specific part or fill. However, when I do, it seems like it just subdivides the beats so the measure still runs the same length as the prior 4/4 measure. Am I doing something wrong or am I trying to do something that can’t be done?

The following sequence has worked for me:

-Create (Edit) a NEW beat
-Add number of measures needed
-Select the time signature
-Add at least one velocity value anywhere (I use the kick drum) on EACH measure
-Reopen (Edit) the beat
-Create the beat and Apply

Good luck!

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Thanks lugoluis–I’ll give it a try!