changes not saving?

Okay so I am using the drum editor in the BB Manager…I change the dB level of certain instruments in the kit, follw the defaults as BB says it has changed so I want to save, so I go ahead with all of that. BUT, if I laod the kit again, all my changes have disappeared and it’s back to the default (or factory loaded) kit.

What am I missing here? I don’t want/need to create a new kit, I just want to edit and save over the existing ones.


If I recall correctly, when I changed the levels of one of the “with bass” kits, the Save process was not done through Save Drumkit, but was via Save Project. For future reference, it would help others resolve your problem if you provide your system details, i.e. Mac or Windows system number, Beat Buddy Manager version number, and your Beat Buddy firmware version. Don’t just say, “the latest”, because there are quite a few beta versions circulating, and some problems are related to particular versions.

hmmm well how counter-intuitive is that! edit a drumkit, save it as a project. Doesn’t sound quite right to me. What system specs have to do with anything to with editing a drum kit is beyond me. And I guess the “latest” is well, the latest…can’t be any more after that n’cest pas?

But thanks for the contribution!

OK, here is the process I just followed to set levels, and it worked. 1) open the drumkit by double clicking its name in the drum sets list. Your list of drum should appear in the Drumset Maker window. 2) set your levels
3) Make sure the check box next to the drum kit’s name is checked. 4) Under the Drumset menu, select Save Drumset. 5) Then, under File, select Save Project. 6) Quit BBM. 7) Open BMM, Open your Drumkit, and the levels should be where you set them.

Thank you for that. Nice work. The step by step is appreciated!