Changing a Bass Key on a song (Editing MIDI files)

Hello everyone!
First of all I’m sorry for my English. I am Brazilian and I am using Google Translate to be able to express myself better to you.

Not long ago I started to download OPB songs (with drums and bass) here in the forum, so I could play live with my concert partner.

However, I feel that some songs would be better if I adjusted the tone, because my voice is serious and I can not always sing in the original tone.

For what I’ve been looking for here in the forum, I basically need to export the MIDI files by Beatbuddy Manager (that’s simple), and edit them in some MIDI editor (and this is where my problem starts).

I have installed both Reaper and MidiEditor on my PC, but I have tried to import a MIDI file that I have exported from BBM and in none of them can I hear the song the same way I hear it in BBM.

I know it must be very short so that I can better visualize what is happening and simply change the tone of the bass, but I do not know where I am going wrong.

Can someone help me?

Thank you for making the extra effort to translate your question.

Depending on the type of drum set the song uses, the bass might have either been raised 2 octaves or lowered 3 octaves. This is why the MIDI file exported from the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) does not sound the way you expect when played in Reaper.

For example, the NP StdPBass 63-91 drum set has the bass notes in the 63-91 range; while a kit such as NP Bosendorfer Jazz Trio XRp will have the bass notes in the 0-31 range.

In Reaper, if you are using a song with the bass notes from 63 and 91, you would select all bass notes between 63 and 91and then raise or lower them the desired number of semi-tones to match your vocal range. Make sure that if you lower any notes below 63 that you select those notes and then raise them by an octave (12 semi-tones).

Very similar for BeatBudddy songs with the bass notes between 0 and 31. Select all bass notes between 0 and 31 and raise or lower them the required number of semitones to match your voice. Any bass notes below 0 or above 31 will have to be raised or lowered by an octave to stay within the bass range for the drum set.

Once you export the track from Reaper to a MIDI file and import it using the BBM, the bass should now match your vocal range.

If you would like me to include screen shots illustrating the process, I will be happy to do so.

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I can fully understand what you say. It is very clear. But in practice, when I open a MIDI file (whether in Reaper or MidiEditor), it still seems a bit confusing for me.

I get very insecure when editing, and after that, I also do not know how to save correctly.

I have no intimacy with Reaper or MidiEditor, so that’s part of the problem, too.

A detailed walkthrough would be great for me (although I know it takes time and it’s annoying to do).

No problem. I am working on a Reaper tutorial for you

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As a starting point - If you can tell what in the bass notes are in the MIDI file (They will be all together), and you know what key you want the song to be it should be easy enough to just change the key logically and then test it out in the BeatBuddy Manager

For example, if the song is in F but you want to transpose to D you should move all of the bass notes down 3 semi-tones in the MIDI editor. If that’s too low, or you run out of notes when you try it out in the BeatBuddy you should move the notes up 9 instead

Hope you find this helpful. I’m also working on a set of tutorials for editing MIDI Source files in Logic Pro X. I’m working them up in bite-size learning chunks.

Here’s the Reaper tutorial.

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You’re fantastic, my friend. I was able to fully understand how to do this, and I have already applied some songs here. I thank you forever for this! It helped me a lot. Thank you!

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