Changing a part from 4/4 to a 2/4 time signature

I am trying to change the tempo to a song part and I think that there is a bug in the BBManager.

If I delete the midi from the part main drum loop, start a new one and write 2/4 signature, it seems to work. If I add midi notes to the part, all continues working. But, if After that i Try to change the tempo to 2/8, 4/4, etc… nothing happens. If I want to change to 4/4 I need to delete de main loop part and start again creating a 4/4 from the beginning.

How can I change the tempo without delete the part main loop?

The rest of the users can correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t believe the beat buddy can change tempos within the same song. The only way I’ve been able to manage tempo changes is to simply space out my midi notes differently when creating the midi. This feature has been requested for years… but as with all BB development… nothing has happened.

Does it work if you export the part of the song to a midi file, load the midi file to a 3rd party midi editor or DAW to change the time signature, save it, then import the midi file back into the song?

Also, come to think of it - didn’t they introduce a cut time / double time feature to the footswitch settings? I can’t find the actual documentation to it but the 3.80 firmware announcement alludes to it in the Midi Maestro support

I have no a 3rd party midi editor software. I must install one and try this option. At momment i had detected that tempo signature works when you create a new midi part with the BB midi editor. Once the Midi part is created… you cant change this tempo.

On the other hand, The half time / double time option, I think that is for another purpose. I think that the half time change the speed from 100bpm for a 50 bpm… but in our case we want to change from 4/4 100bpm to 2/4 100bpm.

Since you’re keeping the same tempo couldn’t you just shrink the space between midi notes to accomplish the 2/4 time signature? (e.g. instead of only 2 kicks in a measure, you’d have 4). I know it wouldn’t give you the measure indicator correctly on the beatbuddy display, but it would accomplish the beat you’re looking for. Just a thought.

yes… But i would prefer an easier and faster way ;D It is not easy to add spaces between notes with the BB midi editor :frowning:

Oh I see. Yeah I don’t use the BB midi editor… I use a third party one so it’s not that tough.

Cool, with an external midi editor it is easy to change the time signature (from 4/4 to 2/4 with the same bpm). Once imported in BB, it is possible to have 4/4 and 2/4 parts in the same song.


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Your experience matches mine. You have to have the time signature correct when you create the part the first time. You can’t create, save, and change it later. It’s an inconvenience but I don’t think we’re going to see major updates to the editor in the near future.

BB definitely allows you to mix and match different time signatures within a song. I do it all the time. But you need it created correctly to start.