Changing BB Mode Default Accent Hits Easily?

I just received my MIDI Maestro and I’m anxious to try it out, but I was wondering if there’s a simple way to swap out the BB mode accent hits for different ones, without creating a new custom mode? For example, changing the kick drum button to be a crash cymbal in the out-of-the-box BB mode. Is there an easy step-by-step way to do that? FWIW, I have the app but I’m on iOS. :-/


Not really. Let me explain. On the MM, the BB default mode triggers the drum samples in the BB .drm file. This is not what happens when you trigger an accent via the footswitch when playing a BB song. That actually triggers a wav that has been made part of the song. If you were to put the crash in the drum kit where kick is presently, anytime the song was supposed to play a kick, it would play a crash, and, obviously you wouldn’t want that. Now, if one of the several accent hit choices is a drum sound that you would never use in a song, then, sure, you could modify the drum kit. But, the reality is, in order to make the change you want, you would need to program a custom mode, which entails using the app. If you are an Android user, you can possibly pull this off. If you are a Mac user, you are currently out of luck.