Changing from Cymbal to Handclap, etc

I have looked through the manual and the menus, and maybe I missed it, but how do I change the sound that the footswitch input makes?

The accent hit is part of the song. You’ll need the software to change that.

So, wait for the software then? Will there be anything else besides the handclaps to choose from, like maybe claves?

You can even upload farts (as long as they are in .WAV format), and use them as accent hits.

The only tricky part is manager software is not yet available… :confused:

I wish the software was out. My accent hits will be in need of more cowbell soon.

Changing Accent from Cymbal to Handclap, etc

Now that the software is available, anyone know how to do this?


Yes, open manager software, load a project, and simply edit the content of the Footswitch (almost last column) for your selected song to choose another WAV file you wish.