Changing name issue

I normally keep a blank song saved called “scratch” that I can quickly use to get an idea down then when I want to keep something I change the name within the song. I then create a new “scratch” song since there’s no “save as” function yet.

With this latest update changing the song name while the song is open doesn’t change the name of the song in the song list… it’s still named “scratch” but when I open it it’s called the new song name I re-saved it as.

Hey there, thanks for reporting,

Is it possible this scratch song was originally song_1?

I don’t believe so… I think I created the scratch song as a new one while in the song list page.

I tried to duplicate the issue but it worked this time… though I did tried it from a fresh song.

Not sure how to get the song_1 to show up to test that… I know I’ve seen it and used it but can’t confirm the Scratch song was made from it.

Could you email the song folder copied from your SD to and ask them to forward to me?

We could look what may be happening if the song continually has this issue

Does the issue persist or does it eventually go away?

Let me know thanks

That song still has the name issue… I may not get to it until this weekend but I’ll definitely forward the SD card to you.

Thank you! We apologize for any inconvenience

Well I can’t seem to locate my sd card reader so I apologize for not sending you that yet!

Basically the issue is:
I renamed a song while it was active… Now when I boot the Aeros and open the first song in the song list (The top most song only) it loads the song with the name I changed earlier. When I exit out and load another song it loads correctly… Then when I open the song that was loaded first, the name is correct and I can’t get any song to load the renamed one.

Nowhere in the song list is a song named what I changed it to previously… That song name only shows up when I open a song upon booting.

Hey again, trying this out on current tested version and it doesn’t seem to be replicable, any chance you could catch a video of the steps before it happens?

Let me know thanks!