Changing patterns from a break

How do you change from one part to the next (verse to chorus), while the drums have to stop? Example: It never rains in southern california. When do you start the transition and hit the stop button?

I would program the silence into the arrangement.

Do you mean a Transition with no notes?

That would be one way to do it. You could have the transition be a midi file with no notes that would trigger anything in the kit, and just one long note for the length of the transition assigned to a note for which no instrument is programmed, such as midi 0 or 127 in any of the stock Singular kits.

But, what I meant was, if this silence always precedes a chorus, have a chorus that maybe starts with a 1) crash or whatever should be at the end of the verse or bridge leading into the chorus, 2) then your silence,3) then the chorus. All of 1,2, and 3 being programmed as a chorus in the B.B. song.

Or, have it as a one Press song where the silence is simply where it belongs.

You got options.

I just use the footswitch to stop and start. For instance in Make Me Smile (Come Up And See me), where you can hang on to the silence and come back in when the singer decides. (And I use the footswitch to start this song for the same reason.)