Changing songs from 2x2 to 6x6 after clear all

I think this worked at some point, but in 3.1.x:

  • I am allowed to edit a song (after clearing all tracks) and change the # tracks from 32x2 to 6x6
  • The setting immediately bounces back to 2x2

Bonus points for letting this to work even if the current song has tracks recorded … even if you cannot switch back from 6x6 to 2x2 (without a clear all).

I am not completely sure I understood your request.

Whatever the initial mode (2x2 or 6x6), if I clear the song, I can swap to to other (from 2x2 to 6x6 or 6x6 to 2x2). That for me perfectly works, and I do that all the time.
Are you saying you cannot do that in some cases (I am in 3.1.3 too)?

I agree with you that switching from 2x2 to 6x6 should be allowed even without clearing the song. There is absolutely no reason to be forced to clear the song… but that should probably be a separated feature request if what you are reporting here is actually a bug.

DIsclaimer: I only tested in freeform mode

That’s exactly what I was saying.

Can’t reproduce this now that I’ve power cycled the device.

That’s why I wanted to double check, as I couldn’t reproduce too…

Please let us know if it comes up again, we’ll keep an eye out

Now I changed the the song to 6x6 and it says 6x6 (if I go to the settings), but clearly is 2x2 in the loop studio.

Also odd is that I set it to freeform, but in the loop studio it’s showing bpm and midi sync.

Is this all the same song?

Maybe. Hard to tell. I thought I moved on but who knows.

Thanks for reporting, we will keep an eye out!