Changing songs in real time continuously

Spent all night playing with the BB after first unboxing :slight_smile: A good sign…

One thing that came to mind as a possible feature improvement is the ability to change songs in real-time. i.e. currently, when I select a pattern(song?) from the tempo knob the current song stops playing upon the selection. I would LOVE to be able to just go from one song to the next and having the beat never stop until I tell it to by pause or double-tap.

At least im able to change drum set sounds in real-time. I’m really hoping this gets implemented soon as well! :mrgreen:

As I see it, you want a way to be able to queue a next song, so that starts after current one ends. This is a very interesting suggestion, and will definitely be looked into.

I agree. I play on the Worship band in my church and just ordered a Beat Buddy. I’m already thinking this would be a nice addition to what sounds like an incredible tool. Being able to seamlessly go into the next song without stopping. Although a workaround until then would be to program the two songs into 1 song file in the beat buddy. Not having the device or manual in front of me limits me to know if this is doable but from what I am reading it looks like it could be done. Make the final transition in the first song be the first transition of the new song. (a new tempo/drum set/time signature)
Moderator, is that possible?


While what you describe is indeed possible (to just throw all songs as parts into one metasong), the tempo won’t get changed on the fly.
I believe this will be definitely looked into (as this is indeed a very very useful feature). But I wouldn’t get my hopes too high to get it in the very first manager software release.

Probably get caught with CPU loading time for the next song causing a timing interruption. I posting a request for auto next song loading. When you double tap to stop then the next song in folder is automatically loaded.

The most lengthy operation is a drum set loading. If two songs share a drumset, there would be almost no load time. But it is a good suggestion to have an option to automatically move on to the next song after you’ve stopped the previous.

It’s taking me 20 to 30 seconds to load song from the same custom gig folder that has a different kit (depending on the sound file complexity). Is this a normal load time?

Different drumsets have different loading times. If that’s a peak value, that sounds about normal (though I’d use a timer to estimate the time a bit more precisely). I usually get at about 12 seconds peak loading times (drumset only).
I have limited experience loading extremely complex songs, but they can indeed add to that.