Changing tempo with Hx Stomp

I’ve seen the discussion on time stretching and that seems a little much for to handle. Im working on the drums for Israel’s Son by Silverchair. All was going well until I remembered the tempo change towards the end of the song. So what i was wondering if its possible to send a midi command from my Hx Stomp to jump the bpm from 80 to 95 at the appropriate time. What i had in mind was a snapshot where the only thing that changes from snapshot 1 to snapshot 2 would be the time change. Am i barking up the wrong tree or does this seem possible?

I vaguely remember the song. Is it a tempo change or just going double time?

HX Stomp has settings for how Tap Tempo is managed. Global, Preset & Snapshot. Make sure you select snapshot and then you can change tempo and save it to each snapshot.
For this to work you need to have HX Stomp as the tempo master clock and BB as sync to external clock. This is how I use my HX effects and BB. I use instants to select the BB drumset & volume, and preset tempo to sync clocks.

thank you, ill give that a shot