Changing Tempo with Midi - BB connected to Setlist maker

I’m having trouble figuring out why BB connected to Setlist maker wont change the Tempo when selecting songs. Was hoping someone can give me some ideas on what to check. I,m using an Android device setlist maker App connected to BB and the song selection in Show works great. When song is selected the correct beat is change in BB, but its not changing the tempo for each song. In SLM I have the setting / Automation set to play tempo and the tempo is set in each song. I’ve been searching the web for some other workarounds but I’m coming up empty for any solution. thanks in advance to anyone that can shed some light on this .

Android version does not send MIDI tempo clock (spoke to the developer and he’s not bringing it back soon). You need to assign tempo using CC and MIDI presets. You need latest beta firmware to achieve this.

Thank you very much for the info.
Im familare with Midi presets but not familare with what CC. is? Would you be able to explain that or turn me on to a site that dos?

cc i think is raw midi code… the preset should be all you need. what version on firmware on you BB?

continuous controller or control change

Firmware is 1.7.7

did you get your problem solved yet? you set temp in SLM yeah

what is your bb synced with?

I did some tests with presets in set list maker but no luck yet. I have a support ticket going with set list maker . Im on android and someone did mention that andriod version has an issue with sending tempo commands. Waiting to see what SLM support says

wow this is very unusual ? the entire android platform with no tempo control??? how long have you been talking with Arlo about this issue?

i was going to buy a tablet today at Sams but now i will put this on hold . i use iphone now to run SLM>bb<Voicelive3 all works great except one quirk with my bluetooth device dropping connection.

I was back and forth through email with him all night. The thing about Android having no tempo control just came from one person here on this site. Not sure how true it is because Arlo never said any of that to me directly yet but still we can not get it to work.

ahhh ok i think it may not be a system wide problem, rather an individual settings issue. Did you add your bb in the SLM midi devices and assign it a channel? and in bb midi settings assign a channel? How is your tablet connected to bb?

Cable and BB settings are good because SLM and BB work great when selecting a song. SLM is auto changing the beats in BB no problems there. It’s just not changing the tempo. I’ve been testing raw data setup but not sure of the format hex data should be in and what the data is for tempo change \ beat clock? I’m all over the web trying anything that is even a slightly close to my issue.

So are you using SLM with BB on Android ? If so were you able to get them working together with tempo change ?

let me try to understand something … you have one of your songs in SLM set at 120 bpm and when you select that song the bb goes to that song and is at 120bpm?
when , where and why are you trying to change tempo? just trying to understand better your issue

No problem. I use the same beats for different songs and would like the SLM to change the tempo to what the songs tempo in set to in SLM. I could separate and save the beats with the song name in BBmanager but when I jamming with others and they either want too play faster or slower then the default beat I want to change it and when we go back to that song again it gos back to the default tempo automatically. I’m sure there are workarounds which I’m going to have to work out but this would be so nice to have working.

ok now i see . thanks for the better explanation

When you tap the midi icon at the top of the SLM page to display the midi history do you get a lot of F8’s over and over? If so, SLM is sending “beat clock” data. Also, in SLM SETTINGS menu under TEMPO & PITCH under tempo options you need to select SEND MIDI BEAT CLOCK.

No unfortunately but it sounds like your OS is not andriod. So the options you see are not in my version (Android). I’m going to ask support about the F8 thing because if that is also the beat code for Android then that could be the problem