Changing tempos withing the same song

Is there any way to change the temp of one song part within the same song? I have the latest BeatBuddy manager 1.40.

The only option available to you is using the Tap Tempo feature to change tempo in real-time.

If you want a static tempo change, you can try a workaround - different song parts can have different time signatures, so you can emulate going from like 90 BPM to 60 BPM changing time signature from say 4/4 to 6/4 in your next song part.

There is currently no way to randomly change tempo from say 101 to 103.

In the Franz Ferdinand song “Take Me Out” that someone posted, they somehow fake the slowing down from the beginning part to the rest of the song, but I haven’t investigated how.

Yep that was me with the Take Me Out Song. From memory I did similar to what Daef is talking about with the temp of the track is for the main part and transposing the begining to like a 3/4 takes the tempo of the intro from beatbuddy tempo of 102 to something like 136. The slowing down of the beat was through a bit of mathamatics and adding a bigger gap to subsequent notes until the gap was the same as the main beat. It required more work than a normal song.

It works well for the intro because there is no loop. It might be a bit harder to make it work with a loop.

Yeah, I’d still very much like to be able to make other song parts different tempos without resorting to tricks. I have a couple of songs where the bpm goes from 85 to 120 and I’d like to just be able to set it within the BeatBuddy Manager. Maybe they’ll add that feature in a future release.

Is this on the features request list? I just ran into this on a sing, Bob Seger’s Night Moves where there is a big temp change (~118 to ~70) and was thinking how nice it would be to simply have a song part with the the different tempo where the BeatBuddy gets the tempo info from the midi file just as it does (I think) with the time signature.

Yeah, it’s on the list… Changing the tempo in a part creates a number of potential timing issues, so it’s not a super simple process, though.

You can do it with midi. I have one song on my loop pedal that consists of two separate loops set to different tempos. When I switch track on the loop pedal and thus tempo, the BB just follows along.

What kind of loop pedal are you using?

Jamman Solo XT but it does not work with the BB on it’s own as it does not use standard midi, just that jamsync cable thing so I built an magic box that translates the jamsync into midi that drives the BB. Same principle for any loop pedal though, if it sends out a tempo when you change tracks (or whenever), the BB should follow it.


I will add that I’ve only ever changed tempo at the start of a pattern on the BB which in general corresponds to the start of a loop on my loop pedal. I’ve never actually tried to change tempo mid BB pattern as it were, eg beat 3 of a 4 bar beat on the BB so I don’t know it that will actually work or not. However I would think that changing temp mid beat/bar would be pretty unusual so it’s probably not a problem in real life.

some tests to be done by you…

in the bbm
have the different tempo (change to) as a Transition and keep you leg on the pedal
4/4 main part
3/4 transition
leg off again for main part 4/4 (does it start again from the start or continue) ?
add another section…!!!

i used a midi file as a transition…

dont know how this would work on a one press song


We ‘solved’ that in fine fashion in our trio - the bass player (me on this song) and lead guitarist sit out when we get there. I pause Buddy and we let the lead singer take a ‘rubato tour’ until the outro. Avoids conflict with chord changes and its obvious who owns any mistakes :wink: