Changing Time signatures in a song

Trying to create a song for The Weight - The Band. How can I add two extra beats to the chorus. I tried a transition using 2/4 measures, but it only plays the first measure.

You can’t change time signatures on a transition. I approached this a variety of ways on this song.

  1. You could make a 6/4 measure and transition to it each time at the end of the chorus
  2. You could use the foot switch to pause to create the break, and then unpause on 1
  3. You could make a DOP of the whole song

I actually started with option 1 and then turned it into option 3. I’ve attached in here: The_Weight OP.sng (561.2 KB)

The entire song is in the intro. The structure is as follows:

  • Intro roll
  • Walk down progression twice
  • All five verse/choruses/walk down progressions sequences with a 6/4 break at the end of the chorus
  • Walk down progression happens twice after the fifth verse/chorus
  • After the intro is over you get dropped into a Null song part and can stop the song.

If you’re interested in more dynamic control, I actually posted a version here when I had the parts created but hadn’t put them into a DOP yet: The Weight (The Band)

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Thank you, Jason. You’ve saved me a lot of experimentation time and frustration.

there is another way too, u can create a double speed song, for example your song is 100bpm, u make it 200 and then u modify the drum to play like 100, so you can get an extra two beat ur your chorus, and also u can do a 2/4 transition.

Im not sure if you understand what i meaning, but i do this for some ballad song like 70bpm i make it to 140, so i can get an extra 2 beat before chorus of after chorus. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What I do sometimes for my middle eights.

This works. Unfortunately, BB Manager doesn’t make it easy.

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Thanks for your help.