Changing Velocity for selected areas

is the parameter velocity to a changing percentage possible in a midi file certain selected areas?
if so, do I need for a specific Program?

You can edit the velocity right within the BBManager’s MIDI editor. Right click the track and select ‘edit’.

Whilst it is really good to have a MIDI editor in the BBManager (thanks for that upgrade), it seems to need each “note” editing. Is there a way to bulk select to change the velocity to a new value?

Unfortunately not in the current version of the BBManager. If you want to execute bulk actions, we recommend a third party MIDI editor, such as Reaper’s which is fairly popular and easy to use. In the mean time, we are working on a future version of the BBManager that has a much better more functional MIDI editor. We will of course make it available for everyone once we have a beta version of it. :slight_smile: