Channel left and right reversed

i found out that sometimes the channels of BB are reversed and much louder after synchronicing with BBMGR. After starting BB again everything is okay again.

Does anybody have the same problem?


I have the same issue here but without the boost in volume !
Definitively a BUG !

Do you Sync using evil USB cable :wink: or via slot reader?

Hi there persist :slight_smile:

Evil USB cable !

Apparently I’m not alone about this:

and i still have this problem!

It’s good to not be alone :slight_smile:

Don’t know if this will make any difference but if you have an SD slot reader, try the sync your card from there instead of the USB cable method. Make sure your pedal is powered down when you put the card back in.

this is too much of work. When i make a song i often have to sync for testing the song.

I do have a SD slot reader but it’s on another PC so it’s too much of a hassle !
I’ll have to keep pulling the power cord !

Still think it’s a bug though !

No doubt it is a bug.

Although you’re probably not a Mac user, some Mac users have reported issues when synching their project to their SD card using the USB cable method. Using the SD slot reader seems to resolve the issue.

For this reason, I’ll be moving this thread to the bugs section of the forum.

OK !

It’s along time since we had an update :wink:

Yes thats true!
I hope this problem will be fixed until the next update because i use both channels seperately. Left channel for drums and right channel for bass.

They are probably busy working on their new looper !

maybe, i never heard about a new looper product.
They should continue support to hold the customer satisfaction. If firmware or software update takes so long time that indicates me there is no more strenghts to higher the product level.

  • This was posted on July 16 2016 when version 1.64 was released !

"Things we’re working on:
[]Improving MIDI editor (In the meantime you can use this separate program to edit beats)
]Autopilot function: Set your songs to play from start to finish automatically, unless you interrupt to improvise!
[*]Revamped user experience: The BB Manager will look better and be easier to use.

( That’s a really long time between updates for an incomplete software !
Seems like they might have lost competent people or something )

Starting to regret the purchase a bit :frowning:

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