Cherry Bomb - John C Mellencamp

****** NOTICE: I want to preface that I don’t try to find perfection, I just get it close and its similar to the song… Also, I do mostly acoustic patio so most everything was created for Cajon and Brushes kit… *****

Cheers Dave. Your a man on a mission. Thanks for the songs

Thanks man… Like I’ve said before… I want to contribute so I don’t feel bad for asking for help… :wink:

But I’ve come to realize that some guys have posted songs that were really right on… I don’t think most of mine are right on but they’re close nuf to play…

Andybody still have this one available to repost?

here’s a version I believe it’s no bass

Thanks Leemo!

does anyone have this to upload??? Would appreciate it!


I’ll take a whack at this.