Chinese Support

My song title is Chinese. And it does not display on the BB… o_O:(
Please add language support in later release if possible :slight_smile:

I worked at a company and had to do a complete “internationalization” effort to make sure that every part of it could handle UTF-8… It was a bigger job than everyone thought, but in the end, it was nice to know our software was all on the “same page” when it comes to encoding. These guys probably would have to do a similar effort, and their company/software is fairly new. It’s a good idea though!

Yes. The UTF-8 is the thing. Unfortunately, the file system library used by the pedal firmware is currently not set up properly. It only supports ANSI (meaning if you use a non-english character, you are out of luck), and all the firmware files should follow the old DOS 8.3 format - up to 8 characters (one minimum) per file name, up to 3 characters (can be empty) per file extension.
This definitely should have changed, however I have neither any information nor any timeframes when this is done.

hello,r u live in china, where did u buy it? :slight_smile:

I live in Hong Kong
I buy it at Acoustic Room木結他維修中心/612700305414969