Choice between overdub, punch I/O, mute/unmute

Hi all,

I’m sure i will never use the overdub with 6 tracks possibilities, it will be more interessant and usefull to have punch in/out insteed, and after i finish my loops replace punch I/O with mute/unmute one click… and come back to punch, and so on… (3 taps?)

Sometimes there is a lot of confusion between overdub, mute, undo,… on the same click, result loops can disappeared for ever…


I don’t see how punching in would be easily implemented, or all that useful. Why not just overdub where you want to punch in? I can’t see how, in a live setting, I’d want to be setting up punch points and such, as that’s kind of a workflow killer.

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Punch in out is a basic feature of any kind of recording stuf, looper is one…
Overdub is a completely other thing, but if you already have
it, its easy to implement punch in out = rec on rec off…

Punch is “replacing”…

May be you are always happy about your loop? always in tempo? always start at the beginning?

may be you don’t want always redo your loooong 32 bars loop because you miss one fu… chord or something else???

In live (or not) i always prefer punch in out, because it will continue to record until I m satisfied… i don t need overdub with 6 stereo tracks…

And I always re record the beginning of my loops to avoid the reverb, dly, sustain cuts…

Try other loopers, DAW, etc… , you will understand how punch I/O is usefull…

What loopers have punch in? I’ve had several, and never had this option. I use it in DAWs in the studio, all of the time.

Ehx 45000 is the only one I see listing it as a feature.

Good, i suppose you use punch in out a lot then…

Boss RC300 and EHX 45000/95000 have the possibility to choose between overdub and punch I/O…

Hey there, the latest version we are working on includes an ROP mode, that is one similar request we’ve had. We may look into an RPM mode but we would likely do away with double tap in that mode, so no overdubs would be possible via button presses in that mode, unless we add MIDI to allow overdubbing, which is something we plan on doing in a later update to MIDI commands. As to punch i/o, I agree with LordRadish, it is just a little too high a bar for a looper, while they may be exceptions, overdub functionality is going to work similarly and requires no implementation! Punch i/o would be complicated and not a very high priority if we ever were to implement it, because of its very specific use-case and it’s analogous nature to overdubbing.

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I don’t think so, punch i/o is a basic function for a recorder, what a looper is…very usefull and easy to implant, avoiding a lot of problems…

If u have overdub u have punch i/o, the only difference is overdub add and puch i/o substract…

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The Eventide H9 looper / TimeFactory also has punch :smiley: Just for the record :stuck_out_tongue:
And i think the Pigtronix Infinity too (not sure).

We are not particularly sure how useful punching in will be, punching in without the ability to edit the i/o is not really a very useful feature. Also, the Aeros would have to handle cases where a punch in is trashed meaning there should still be a file present that is not trashed as a punch rec is being applied.

This seems overly complex and could possibly not even work with the way the Aeros handles recorded files currently.

The low use case and the high effort makes that particular feature very unlikely to be in our plan anytime soon.

I still do not agree

Punch I/O avoid Rev/Dly loops problems
Permit long and complex loop

Personnaly I never never never use overdub… I use only the 6 tracks, much better for me…

Punch I/O is a basic recording function, if you have record, overdub, you have punch I/O too… make a loop IS a punch I/O recording, sorry :slightly_smiling_face:

Unfortunately it is very unlikely we take this route any time soon

It may be a basic recording function. The fact that it’s not on most loopers tells me it’s not a basic looping function.

Not knocking the punch in suggestion but I would rather have the ability to process that type of a change in my DAW but cannot do that currently and get it back into the Aeros. Would rather have that feature first.

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Clearly the only way… recording in the DAW and transfert in the Aeros… but not avaible yet…

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Right now I create songs in Reaper with Beat Buddy drums, etc. on multiple tracks and mix down to one stereo track. Set the render to 44100 and 32 bit in order to match the Boss RC-5. So easy to go in and out with files through Boss Tone Studio and the 32 bit in the new Boss is really good. Better than the 16 bit in the RC-3.
I’m using the Aeros as a scratch pad, which is a shame because I really like it but for live play I trust the Boss especially with “1shot”, a way to play a song through once and stop, 13 hours of recording built in, 1.5 hour max loop limit, easy and multiple foot switch options, Battery operation, albeit 2 hours, 99 song locations.And like I said seamless transfer in and out of wav files.

I was coming by to do a Feature Request, but I realized it’s basically Punch, though not a brand new command …

I think 2 modes of Overdub configurable in settings would cover this request: Add or Replace (Punch if you like).

“Add” is the mode you have now. All “Replace” would do when overdubbing is overwrite the base layer in real-time. It would be seamless … It’s basically Punch, but whenever you talk about Punch people think it’s all about erasing a mistake. That’s not the only use case for it though, and I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss it.

Say you are in the middle of a 6x6 composition and there is this recorded track in a part that has been repeating and there are several other tracks already going alongside it. You want to reuse that track, maybe you want to perform what’s on that track again and provide some variation … a little forward momentum, whatever. You don’t want to mute that track, start a new track, etc, which is hard to make seamless. You could go in, hit overdub and just start replacing it; you get the benefit of having all the other tracks continue to run in the part without working on a new part of the song and slowing things down, and the track you are replacing runs right up to the moment you hit overdub.

I’d actually find that more valuable in 6x6 mode than the additive overdub. I really only rely on overdubs in 2x2. Of course, it should be up to the user to decide how they want it to work.

BTW, this is pretty much how the EHX 45000/95000 Loopers work. There is a switch on the unit called “Punch” and it basically changes how an overdub works as I just described. You want to know another cool thing about it? You can toggle the Punch button on and off via MIDI …

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Is it not possible to record a track in your DAW, and then run the audio out from your audio interface to the audio input on the Aeros and “transfer” it to the Aeros that way (start recording a track on the Aeros and hit play on your DAW)? If the Aeros records my guitar playing through the audio input, why wouldn’t it record any audio sent through it’s audio input? I haven’t tried it…just asking.

I was just looking at a couple other Loopers and the Boss RC-202 has a toggle button labeled Overdub/Replace that, according to the docs, works as I described in this feature request. I see several creative possibilities with this feature as an alternative to the existing Overdub mode. I think that this is not the most common feature out there, but several do have it and can be used to good effect, not so much as what people expect in a DAW, but as a live performance ability that helps a composition evolve in real-time.