Choose loop restart point

It would be a great feature if within the manager software you could choose which part of the song you’d like the loops to restart from. So for example, I’ve got 3 parts to a song but I only use part 1 at the very beginning. Then the rest of the song alternates back and forth between part 2 and 3. Rather than having to continually add consecutive parts 2 and 3, it would be great if we could set the restart point to song part 2. That way when we finish song part 3 it would would skip part 1 when we hit the transition and restart part 2 again. I can’t imagine that it would be too tough to program that in… but I’m not a programmer so what do I know :wink:

This feature you seek was requested several times already. By the way, it is one of my own personal “most sought after” features as well. This will definitely make it to the BeatBuddy. No idea when, though :confused:

One of my requests as well. Could proove very usefull on multi-part songs. Have used this in Ableton Live quite a lot.

By the way, @rolandvg99, while we are talking about this, can you please tell me how this is done in Ableton Live? I’ve personally never used that, but I would love to get an idea of how this is done there.
Some screenshots would be very helpful. Thank You!

Each clip/loop can be given a next/previous command which dictates which clip/loop to be played next. I.e. intro->part1->part2->part3->part2->part3->part4->part2->ending

Funny I just read this thread again (forgot I requested it). The first reply comment says this will definitely be added to the Beatbuddy… it’s been 4 years since I posted that. Not much has changed in the BBM since then. Disappointing. :frowning:

Yeah, I remember this long ago. Who knows, may be one day this will get added :slight_smile:

Nice necro btw …but Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!