Choosing beats

Is there a way to scroll through beats as opposed to the songs? I would like to be able to scroll through the beats to use for a song I’m creating. It seems like I have to pick beats from songs created already.

Songs = Beats (it’s just the term we use)

I was referring to a song (verse,chorus,etc) opposed to a beat (the drum track used for each part). It would be cool to be able to scroll through whichever time signature you wanted. For instance, half time beats, open a folder and have a bunch to choose from. Instead of going through all the songs and searching. I found 2 in the rock songs section. Or a 6/4 folder you could open and there they all are. I make original music, so I have to scroll through and find the best beat for each part. I did just recently discover there’s a Beat Maker program that works along side BeatBuddy. Which will be very helpful also. Its been taking me awhile, but I’m learning more and more.

It just all of a sudden will click and you will wonder how you didn’t “get it” when you first got the BB. Keep working at it and enjoy the ride!