Christmas beats, tunes?

Anyone have em? Maybe you have a standard beat you use for certain Christmas songs. Share it. The time is now!

Posted several to the old forum.


Thanks. I’ll see what works for me. Nice list.

Have a few more songs to add over the next week or so and I’ll post links here.

Meanwhile, this is kind of an oldie but goody that I came across and I really liked it.

Probably post another oldie and then a more uptempo one or two.

A surprising Jackson 5 Christmas song that I came across:

And yet another with a couple more to follow

An oldie that was previously posted. Here’s an OPB version:

Nice cover of Mariah’s song by My Chemical Romance:

I have a WOrship Kit and 4 Christmas SOngs you can Download :wink:

What would Christmas be without some seasonal Bruce Springsteen? (Just couldn’t resist working up this song):

Just keep finding solid gold seasonal music. Here’s Burl Ives’ rocking rendition of A Holly Jolly Christmas