Chuck Berry

Would any one of you awesome guys like to put together a classic set of Chuck Berry tunes. A mix of his classics would make for an awesome set. Preferably a mix of SNG for extended soloing and OPB

I just posted Johnny B. Goode. There are versions of Nadine, Around and Around, Reelin’ and Rockin’ and Sweet Little Sixteen in Resources already. More to come.

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And now Maybellene is in Resources.

How about Havana Moon.

Here’s a Drums only. Oh, there are no drums.:slight_smile: I could work something up from scratch. Gonna be Sunday. The wifey has me tied up tomorrow.

No Particular Place to Go was next on my list, so I’ll do that first.

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Gary A put up CBeery & Santana’s Havana moon in Resources

Gary A posted No Particular place & Havana moon Chuck & Santana versions in resources today :wink:

Hi Phil. I was looking to down load "Sweet little sixteen " along with other Chuck Berry tunes but there is a limited supply of Chuck available. Am i looking in the wrong place? Please guide me to the right place.

Thanks Phil.

We lost some posted content in November 2017 when Singular transferred content to a new server, without having proper backups. I reposted everything I had made, but some content from less active, or no longer active, users was lost.

Ah right. Thanks Phil