Classic Surf Rock- Misirlou, by 10 year old guitarist and dad

Misirlou (cover)

Have not posted a video here for a while, cos we have finally found a drummer!!! But, Beatbuddy is still one of the coolest gadgets we have. ;p We hope you like our Misirlou cover. Yap, back to basic: 2 guitars, and beatbuddy with bass. Thanks to the generous member who shared the perfect .sng here in the forum.

But just in case you like surf music too, we had our Japanese themed month of surf rock in April and Mina has prepared a playlist here.


Not all songs were backed by Beatbuddy though, hope you don’t mind. Cheers!


Glad that you’re still sharing your videos.

Funny coincidence. As I was finishing my early morning walk, this song started from my playlist. Pump It :blush: Pump It Louder.

I enjoyed the playlist, especially Fugitive.

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Thank you, Moderator! of course we want to share the videos, but wanted to set a good example to Mina and let her know we have to behave adequately on the Internet so I tell her I can/should only share songs that we use Beatbuddy here. She understands and is pretty cool about it. I hope she will be become a well-behaved kid. hehe.

So, what a coincidence eh? She does all the fast picking parts after the song Misirlou. hahaha! It was good practice for sure.

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