Clear a specific track?


my question refers to the 6x6 mode.

After I recorded loops and overdubs on all 6 tracks, is it possible somehow to clear a specific track, let’s say track 2?
Maybe I’m just a little dense here but I can’t seem to make it work.

I know I can undo/redo a recording on a track but once I record something on another track, my initial recording on the other track is locked. So is there an option to clear what was recorded on a specific track?

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Hey Pim, the Aeros does not currently “clear” tracks in the way you describe, the undo function is the closest thing you can do without clearing the entire song. Can you give some details about what settings you have on and why the undo isn’t functioning as you’d like it to?

Thanks for the reply. Sure, I can provide more information on settings etc. just let me know what you exactly mean by that.

Maybe my following description is sufficient…if not, just specify what I should add:

I start with 6 tracks that have recorded silence on each on them. I do this because that’s the only way I can set up the lenght of each track beforehand. That’s always my template, so to speak.
I actually really miss the function to set up the number of bars per track beforehand as I can do with my Boss RC300 looper. But anyways, I found a workaround with the Aeros by recording silence beforehand.

I then record something on all 6 tracks. I guess for the Aeros that would count as an overdub because there is already something recorded on all 6 tracks, even though it’s silence and has no audible sound on them.
Then I go back to one of the first tracks and hold the undo/redo button but it doesn’t undo my layer (i.e. overdub because of the recorded silence?) on that track. Nothing happens.

What actually does work is the following: I record something over the silence of a specific track, then I hold undo/redo on the exact same track and then (but only then) I can undo/redo my last recording.

If I ever go to another track, record something over the silence there and THEN go back to the initial track, I cannot undo that recording/layer/overdub anymore.

Maybe an example is easier:

Record over silence in Track 1. (Hold button to undo/redo on Track 1 works).
Go to Track 2, record over silence on Track 2. (Hold button to undo/redo on Track 2 works).
Go back to Track 1 to undo last layer: Doesn’t work, nothing happens. I can only undo the last layer of Track 2. (Or generally speaking: the last layer of the track I recorded onto last)

I want to record one layer on each track over the silence I recorded beforehand. And then be able to just undo the last layer of each track, no matter in what order.

Again, with my Boss RC300 looper, I can undo the last recorded layer of every individual track, no matter whether I used another track in the meantime or not. I can always come back to another track later and undo the last layer on that specific track.

Does the Aeros provide this? If yes, how do I make it work? If not, are there any plans to implement this?

EDIT: I would like to add that the Boss RC300 also provides the function to clear individual tracks. You mentioned that the Aeros doesn’t provide this and undo is the closest I can get. Are there any plans to implement a “clear selected track” function?

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This is not a very good idea, using the silence to make your loop length set is using the Aeros in a way it was not designed for. This will cause issues when wanting to have full control of the project. Have you seen the new firmware beta update? There are several sync functions that will in many ways take away the need for this method you have for recording. For example, End of Loop function makes it so that all stop and next part commands wait until the length of longest loop in a part, Sync length will make it so that all loops must be the same, a unit fraction (1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 15, 1/6 etc), or multiple of original loop, and sync start makes it so that all tracks start at the same place.
I don’t think you’re going to get much more than headaches using the Aeros in the way you are describing.

The way the overdubs work is that they are melded with their current track once the song is saved or a new overdub is done on the same track. Are you saying they are combining even when you don’t save the song and reopen?

As of right now this is not planned, but may be a useful update later once more core-issue updates are released.

This is something we’ve discussed, so yes it is something we may bring to the Aeros with a future update.

Hey Pim, I made an error here! I mistakenly thought overdubs merged after recording another, but each track saves its overdub until you save the song or record a new overdub. The overdubs are saved separately even when you switch parts. You’re saying the overdub automatically merges once you start recording on another track?

I just tried it again. I should have been more specific, sorry.

The problem occurs when I mute a track by double tapping…after its muted I hold the undo button (while the track is muted). This does not undo the layer.

If I just let all tracks running audible, undo/redo works just fine. But any track I muted doesn’t let me undo the last layer.

Is this a bug? Does the double tapping (to mute a track) let the Aeros think that the first tap is an overdub signal?

I should be able to undo the last layer of a track even when it is muted.

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Hey there Pim, that is an extremely important detail! Now I know what is wrong. Yes, this is a bug we have encountered before and are aware of. We are looking to implement a fix so that the Aeros will automatically delete a layer of overdub made erroneously if a mute comes right after. This happens because, for the instant between the double tap to mute, the Aeros reads the first tap as an overdub and then the second tap as mute. The idea would be that the fix would keep your current recording layers in their current form.
This is not one of our current priorities with the firmware updates, but once we have our new, bigger development team running up to speed we should be seeing a lot more updates coming in with faster frequency.

Hey there,

so it’s a bug. Then I hope it’ll get fixed soon, I cannot use the looper like it is now.

If I understood it correctly, midi implementation is one of your top priorities right now. Could you please make sure that “mute track#” and “clear track#” becomes a part of that implementation? That would be a fix for the current situation at least.

Or give us users the option to assign functions to buttons so that we can decide if mute is one tap or double tap.

I’ve been feeling like a beta tester for a long time now. And every time I find a bug or find out a function is missing that was stated in the manual when I bought the looper, I always get the same response: “we know, but there are other priorities right now. Maybe in the future.”

I cannot use the looper in its current state. And it was expensive. And nobody said it isn’t finished yet when I bought it. You changed the manual stating that certain functions will be coming later but when I bought it, the manual didn’t even give that warning.

I know, you extended the return period, but this is getting frustrating. I held onto your product because I thought, even though it’s an unfinished product, with my feedback I could at least influence the direction of the development a little so that it caters my specific needs, too.

I understand that you want to fix those issues first that a lot of people demand. But I also would like you to understand that it is also very frustrating to always hear “yeah, maybe, some time in the future, we’ll see”.

Because then I can just return the looper, wait for the eventually finished product and then decide if I want to spend money on it based on what the Aeros ACTUALLY provides.

Sorry for the long rant, I’m just getting frustrated. Some things I asked for don’t even sound to be such a big deal: have an opt-out for the constant “do you wanna save the changes” message. Or being able to reload a song without having to load another song first. This is just bad design and shouldn’t take months to fix, you shouldn’t have to dig deep into the code for that, it would just be a minor thing for an update.

I’ll stop now. I know you didn’t build the looper just for me. I’ll see what you’ll do with the full midi implementation and how many of the things I actually need will be implemented and then decide if all of this was just -so to speak - a loan I’ve given you with an interest rate of 0%.

I really want the Aeros to become a success (even if it won’t be the right looper for me in the end) but I want to use a looper in live situation and make music. Not beta test and not even get anything for that in return (i.e. a little influence over what the looper can do in the end).

Best regards,

I understand where your frustration is coming from and we really do appreciate you sticking around and contributing to what we believe is a fantastic product with so much more room to grow. One of the biggest drawbacks happens to also be the Aeros’s strength, it can be a lot of things. While we’re very hopeful with our larger dev team and all the user input we have that we will make the Aeros reach its full potential, it will take time.

We’ve come to realize that looping can be done in many different ways and one feature that could be crucial to one person’s experience may not be pressing to someone else. We are committed to getting through all of the user complaints and bugs ASAP, and our dev team expansion is part of that growing commitment to meet the expectations that the Aeros sets. That being said, there has to be a focus to get things done efficiently, and we do our best to gauge from what the community is telling us as to what the most crucial features are.

Please know you are heard and that this particular bug is on our list which will grow shorter day by day!

The new beta firmware is at a functional level right now, I know it isn’t going to be the exact set up you’re used to, but if your loops are meant to be the same length or multiples/ whole number unit fractions (1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/5, etc) then the new sync features may be of use to you. There are three new features: Sync Length, Sync Start, and End of Loop (EOL).

Sync length will force your tracks to be a whole number unit fraction or a multiple of the original loop length. This would be useful if you want to record an 8 bar phrase followed by another 1, 2, 4, or 8 bar phrase, you can also do 16, 24, 32 bars, etc.

Sync Start will force all your tracks to start in the same place as the longest current loop. So hitting “next track” on anything other than 1st track (tracks 2,3,4,5 or 6) will keep recording the current track until the end of the longest loop length and set up recording at the loop start. Hitting play will make a track stop recording and start looping at next measure.

Sync Start+ Sync Length will combine both features so that hitting “Next track” will always start recording at start of loop and so that all tracks must be whole number unit fractions or multiples of original loop.

EOL will make it so that Stop all and next part commands will follow the longest track, meaning hitting stop won’t apply until it reaches end of longest loop. Same idea with next part command but will switch parts automatically at end of loop.

I understand if you feel winded and frustrated with this product not being what you need it to be yet, but I’d say it’s worth a shot seeing if this new update can be useful in your workflow.