clear demos of bass and drum BB songs...

First off sorry if I have missed finding this in the forums, I did look but could not find anything specific.

Can anyone direct me to where I can find clear (audio wise) demos of the bass lines folks are using within the BB along with the drums?

I want to look at using bass backing parts (using samples on the BB) but I’d like to get an idea if they will adequately replace the live bass lines I currently play.


Here is a link to the basic homemade “karaoke” tracks I use to practice my singing and memorize lyrics. Tracks are just my guitar along with Drums and Bass from Beatbuddy. Recorded using headphone out on Beatbuddy to line in on PC.

Cool, thanks for that. I take it the distortion is just recording levels? Some good tunes in there!
Is the bass level adjustable in any way, or is it juts controlled via midi velocity on the notes?

I use it just controlled via the midi velocity notes. There was discussion on this a while back and I did make up a kit and instruction based on the Rock with Bass kit where I edited all the drum and bass samples to split them up into left and right channels and hence you can treat them as two seperate mono channels into a mixer (which I just run the beatbuddy mono as it is). Then you can set levels for bass and drums seperate in mixer

Good one. Thanks!

Based on what Guitar Stu did, I also made several of my early kits with the drums and bass/keys split into the left and right sides. Then, if you use both BB outputs, you can put a volume pedal on one or both signal chains and adjust up and down. To my ears, I had a pretty good balance between the bass and keys, but the drums sometimes needed tweaking.

Also, the best way to demo the bass lines is to simply load a kit and song that uses that kit into BB Manager. You can then just play the song from BB Manager on the computer, and then Export Project to SD Card, insert the cards int he pedal, and try directly from the pedal.

Thanks Phil…trouble is some of the kits with the bass samples are still not downloadable. Which is why I was asking after online (mp3?) demos. I have sent PMs to the kits creators about re-establishing links to their kits but have had no responses at all. Not a drama, that’s what it is.

I am looking to go totally live with keys and bass playing and just using the BB (the keyboard I am using, the lease runs out in November, so I am looking at alternatives) so before I get too heavily involved in the process work I was looking to try and hear some end results. Which Stu provided nicely and I think it works quite well. A lot of tunes I will still play the bass lines live, but there are some where I’ll need to have both hands ties up with keys and guitar parts, hence the need for an autonomous bassline from the BB.