Clear the loop length / current part without stopping Aeros clock?

I do all my recording with an external MIDI clock, and I’m trying to do two things without stopping the Aeros internal clock (the PLAY/STOP ALL button). I’m using 2x2 mode and the 3.1.3 firmware.

Is it possible to do either of these things without stopping the Aeros internal clock?

  1. Clear the loop length (the red lines) from the current track, so that I can replace the loop I had with a new loop of a different length
  2. Clear the current part (both tracks), so that I can record a whole new idea

It’s not an option to stop the external MIDI clock. And if I stop the internal clock by pressing the PLAY/STOP ALL button, when I re-start it (by pressing the button again), Aeros is out of sync with the external MIDI clock.



This is also an issue for me. Did you find a solution?

Does undo of one or more tracks work? You would still see the old track lengths, but they should be replaced upon recording. (Yes, we do need an explict delete track and part. Undo is a workaround.)

Undo I think prevents Aeros from recording upon getting a midi in message from the BB, but that’s another issue.