Click after recording first track option change

Sorry if this is posted somewhere else but there’s a lot of things to look through and miss here so…

Ok so in the settings section there’s a “click after recording first track” option. So there’s two options which are ON / OFF. I like the ON selection because it still has the click track going for the next parts and what not…

However I wish when you press on the “play” footswitch that it would turn click track off and then when you click on overdub or record or next track again the click returns so you can still keep timing.

I don’t want my click going on forever over my arrangements without a way of turning it off except for going inside the settings again. Could make a third option in the setting and call it “OFF AP” aka off after play or something.

I think one of the things to look at is exposing Click as a channel similar to the Main volume. It already has a volume setting associated with it. Presumably, you would be able to control the volume of the Click with a Mute command in the mixer, the scroll wheel, external expression pedal or a MIDI control for Mute and one for Volume.

I don’t mean to bring up other products on this forum, but that’s how the EHX 95000 handles it (I think also along with the option to turn off the click after the first recording, I haven’t looked at it in a while)

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I think Click track is an amazing idea - anything to avoid having to “leave the looper” and go to the main settings would be a great improvement to the workflow.

I can see how the current arrangement has live performance in mind, but I personally would like to be able to turn both click and count-in on and off from the song’s “stop” screen - avoiding having to go anywhere. It could be a toggle on/off. And, of course, activated and de-activated via MIDI commands as well.

And also to have it completely unrelated to the first time a new song part is recorded. There is no association for me between click and the first time a loop is laid down in a new part in this use case The current option, to me, is a very narrow use case and it’s a shame such great functionality can be barely enjoyed. I thought it was a bug the first day trying to use the pedal that I could never get count-in to work at all.

Also, I’d love to then have quick access to the click and count-in options WITHOUT having to save the project first - a one-tap jump to these settings - maybe a long-press on the click on/off could be a short-cut? Some DAWs use double-click on the metronome button to open click options. This makes sense to me. Importantly, I absolutely would love to see the save state of the song become independent of settings for the song or the box itself - don’t make me save unless I’m about to lose something (but that’s another topic).

Anyway, for click options I’d love to see:
O Always on (if not muted or de-activated)
O On for record only (off for play)
O On for first loop record of a new part (today’s functionality)

Muting the click or turning it off would override all of these and silence it.

And for count-in, I’d love to see the same:
O Count-in always
O Count-in for record
O On for first loop record of a new part (today’s functionality)

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One thing that I found so far in using the Aeros to do songwriting and recording is that I spend most of my non-playing time going back and forth to the global settings to change the click settings. And really, toggling the output is not the same as muting the click or turning it off - it accomplishes the same thing, but it’s not what my intention is. I don’t want to change the routing, I want to silence it everywhere. I found that I had once accidentally turned another option on by accident in trying to do this quickly, which resulted in the click getting recorded in the loop. The routing could stay global, I’m just talking about playback settings and making it convenient to the song looping workflow.