Click artifact at loop boundary

EDIT: I’ve trimmed down this post a bit since searching around the forum and I do see that SS is aware and working on the issue. I downgraded to V4.0 and the popping noise is gone. I’ll use the Aeros as is in hopes that future firmware fixes this issue.

I had high hopes for the Aeros but it’s unusable for me with the clicking sound at loop boundaries. I have done several resets and installed the latest firmware. I use it in 6x6 mode with Auto Quantize and No metronome. I know this is more common with ambient but I’m not even doing that. Just pop music. I’m getting ready to box this up and send it back but just want to see if there is anything I might be missing to try.

Yes they know the problem and you are not the only one
For my part on V 5.1.1 . I set the fade to OFF, and the mute fade off aswell and it help.

What you can try is rollback to a previous version (Best in the V 4) and try

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Thank you

I did confirm V4 is much better regarding pops. So all hope is not lost for the machine. Hoping 5.1.2 fixes this once and for all.

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Yep !