Click on / off button on Loop Studio screen

Hey guys,

First, big thanks for all your work continuing to develop this pedal! It keeps getting better!

I have a small and hopefully easy request which is that you put a metronome on / off button on the loop studio screen.

Currently if I want to turn it on or off I have to first save my song, then exit to the Home Screen, then click on settings and scroll down to “click after recording first track”, then hit back, then hit loop studio and then I can finally get back to work. It would make work flow much smoother to just be able to turn it on and off right from the loop studio screen.

It looks like there is room for it between the :pencil2: button and the + button. What do y’all think?


I would also like that facility, for sure. Good suggestion eturnian.

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really really need this function

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Wondering if SS has a response to this question.