Click Track live

Hi all,

I see this has been asked before but that was in 2014 - maybe folks have found a new way since then? I have some percussionists joining our set in a few weeks and they were wondering if it’s possible to relay a click synchronised with the BB drums - that they can hear only (maybe through the phone socket) while playing so they can keep in time (large audience / hall - lots of background noise).


If I had to do this, this is the approach I would take. I hope there are better answers. From the midi out, you could attach a separate drum module that produce sa click based on midi clock that it receives. You would need to research modules capable of this. Or similarly, the midi out could go into a laptop running a DAW, slaved in record mode, so that the a click is output by the DAW when the clock is received.

The BB won’t send a click track by itself while playing drums. Which gives me another idea. Slave a second BB as a metronome. It received clock from BB1 and play the metronome from BB 2. BB! still plays drums.

Thanks Phil.

I’ll give these a try - I may get another BB as a slave as you suggest as I see some being offered 2nd hand on several sites.

Lets see what happens - I still think BB is a great asset for working musicians