Click track tempo live...?

I’m a new user with a BeatBuddy and an Aeros trying to get a handle on using it live. I would like to be able to do start a vocal and guitar at the beginning and have the drums roll in on the second verse or similar. I don’t want a blaring click track out front. So I figured using a small powered monitor near my face fed by the headphone jack is the way to go? Has anyone done this? Btw…I’m not that computer savvy to be great with and dealing with a funky, rusty laptop on Kauai. The update to the Aeros was easy with the WiFi. I’m still struggling trying to update the BeatBuddy to the “required” 3.80 firmware. But through my amp and PA the system sounds great. I just want to learn to use it on the fly for live performance.

Hey there Ronnie,

Sorry about the delay getting back to you here. The problem with what you’re asking for is that the BeatBuddy would need to be playing in order to keep the Aeros in sync. If the BeatBuddy is not playing, you won’t be able to bring the drums in time with the song. Something you might want to try is having the BeatBuddy playing while using MIDI control to bring the volume of the BeatBuddy up exactly when you need it, but from what I’m seeing I don’t believe you have a midi controller.

The reason this is not so simple is that the Aeros is not able to act as the MIDI master yet, this means that it must always follow the BeatBuddy to stay in sync with it.

The metronome would work perfectly fine, you can send the Aux Out to your headphone amp and monitor any combo of the click, the live signal, and the loop playback.

You could also remedy this by having a MIDI clock that is controlling the BeatBuddy and the Aeros.

Here’s a thought:
One option you have is to pre-record a part with the drums on it in the Aeros, that can be part 1 and then you play your part live, as long as you are near the tempo of the recording of your drums, hit play to start the drum groove when you need it, and then you can record over that loop.

This is not ideal but could work for your specific case.

Let me know!

Odd it seems like this would be a “necessary” feature for live performance. Kinda like the useless cymbal crash for the accent with the extension switch. A kick drum would be much more effective, especially if it could also be used as a tap tempo. I’m not setting in my basement. I plan to use this live. I plan on getting the midi controller if I can get my head around the learning curve. Slaving the Aeros to the BB is great for tight loops. Having multiple loops for part changes is great. I build them up live in front of an audience.

You can change the BB accent hit in the BB menu (Footswitch> Accent Hit > Source > Global) just go there and choose from the list of sounds, you can add sounds to this list using the BBM.