Click Track

Is there a way to get a silent or subtle simple click track so I can play guitar and then on beat step on MBB to start the drums. Many acoustic artists do this.

What have you tried so far, have you had a play with the Beatbuddy Software?

The only way I can think of without loading up the software is to upload your own “click” wav files and use them instead of the metronome sound which is within every kit. Then create a midi file which just triggers that sound every beat (or more). If you want a ‘proper’ click track you would have to use the left or right channel of a stereo wav file.

This could also be a feature request.

I have not tried the software yet because I am on a mac. I am going to look for a midi metronome to pass the clock through in hopes to synch a simple click track. This way I can maybe connect a headphone to it to stay in tempo while I loop on my boomerang. Any better ideas please let me know.

I uploaded a MIDI 1 / 2 / 1234 click track under Other beats. You could edit this in MIDI to what you want and lower volume. Prabably have use it as main loop 1, because as in intro it wouldn’t be long enough. Better yet you might also pick up one of the Metronome beats and edit the volume in MIDI.

If you want BeatBuddy to be totally silent (but not on pause) for you to look for a beat progression, you can do a MIDI file containing strictly unsupported notes.

I use MIDI note 0 to make what appears to be silent tracks.

I recognize that this isn’t exactly what the OP asked for, but, is it possible, once you’ve selected a “song,” to tap tempo to actually set the tempo yourself before pressing start?
This would be one more way to lock the tempo in while playing a guitar intro or before starting a song.


After you’ve selected a BeatBuddy song, hold the pedal for at about 2 seconds. Tap your desired tempo. Hold the pedal again (1 second is more than enough). You are ready to start a selected song that will be played with the tempo you’ve just tapped.

So a work around. I built a simple volume/mute on and off box with a SPST button and a project box from radio shack- 2 x mono female 1/4 inch input jacks. When I push it is shuts the volume out off to the 2nd channel on PA. When I click it again it allows the signal to passthrough. I got some earbuds and connected it to the headphone out on MBB. I attached a mini jack extension cable I had to make the headphone cord nice in long. Now I mute the output of MBB (but it is really still playing) and in my earphones I hear it (but the audience cannot because it is muted at my box level). Now MBB of course is synched to my Boomerang. I next lay down my guitar track in time. Then when i am ready I step on my homemade mute button and the MBB signal is passed through and is in perfect time. It also allows me to not have to go through the intro bars since it is already on but just muted. Not sure if this makes sense but it works.

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That’s indeed a very clever use of BeatBuddy mechanics :slight_smile: