Clicking Sound in BB on downloaded songs

I have been using the BB for 3 years and just bought a spare incase mine dies at a gig. I have always used drums only and then I saw this forum so I download a few songs and drumsets that were recommended for the song and they sound great coming out of the BB Manager, but once I loaded them on a card and put them in either BB they have a clicking sound on the Bass or instrument - not on the drums. BB Firmware 3.6.0 in both. What is causing this? Thanks…

In the BB pedal settings, make sure Default Drum Set is set to Enabled. If this is happening with the same SD card in either pedal, you could try with a different card. Also, make sure you are using the latest release of the BBM.

Once you resolve the problem, please let the forum know why you did to fix it.

I think I have solved the problem. I tried another card but it was the same. I found an old post from 2016 about this issue and it sounded just like the sound I was hearing where when the note cuts off it will cause a click because the sound has not been brought down to a zero level. It said in there about playing with the Release time on the pedal. I did that and the clicking was instantly gone. I found 10 or 20ms is the best setting so far. I still want to update the BBs to the latest software and then I will post again. I wanted to let you know and thank you for your time. I can see the forum is a valuable tool. Thanks to everyone who created these - I can see it will be nice to have


Thanks for letting us know how you solved this.