Clicks and pops on bass tracks

Is there any news if this will ever be fixed, I know BeatBuddy was not designed to do this, but is it on the roadmap to address?

This has been released today for bbmanager, and i believe these changes are in the current releases of the firmware. sounds MUCH better!

Sounds ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! No clicks, no pops, no snap or crackle. (I’m getting hungry for cereal).

Thanks for 1.6.4 - Pls let me know if I got this right or if I’m missing something:

  1. Download and install BB MGR 1.6.4 (out today)

  2. Edit the bass notes (usually note 62 and above) in the drumset editor to change Choke Group to 0 (used to be 2), and change Instrument Type to non-percussion (used to be percussion). Save the drumset.

  3. Play songs with the new drumset and if the bass is short and choppy or long and play over each otter, then I need to edit the bass line in the midi parts to have the midi note on/off - length. Kinda makes importing bass lines from standard midi files easier now.

Are BB firmware changes needed (currently running 1.8.5 ) for the new non-percussion instrument type?

Thanks Neil

Everything is correct… But in #2, IF you have saved the midis BEFIRE you imported them into BBM, then usually you just have reimport. THAT is because in earlier versions, the process of importing into BBM stripped out the note-offs. But if you’ve used something like reaper, then you have the midis and the bite-offs are still there.

My advice is to have two “styles” of kits for each… Mine are like this

The old Ludwig with Bass is now Lydwig With Bass PERC.
THE NEW one is Lywig with Bass NONPERC.

YOU’ll need both types until the migration is done BECAUSE the f/w ISNT ready.

Hope that helps.
Good luck!

NM, I found my mistake

[I]Chasing my tail here a bit I think.

I edited s few midi tracks (with corrected bass off notes, sounds tight in Pro Tools) and then edited drum kit (set choke group to zero and changed to non-perc) and changed name of a kit, now when I play in BB manager I get some bass chords on notes I know cut off and sound correct in midi editor, any idea what might be going on?[/I]

When will the Firmware be ready for the pedal? I have a gig in a few weeks and my bass notes are all sustaining in the pedal.

Your bass notes shouldn’t be sustaining if you’re using 1.8.5 AND you are using a NONPERC kit, with bass notes choke = 0. At least it works fine for me.

Works awesome in BBManager, but not in pedal, bass notes sustain. Is there a setting I need to change on pedal?

Are you using 1.8.5 in the pedal??? Additionally, and this is IMPORTANT … IF you are using songs that you made in versions prior to 1.6.4, they might or might not be ok, depending on whether the midi files contained note-offs, which were stripped away in previous versions of BBM. The solution is to look for an update of the song, or, if you did the song yourself, just import the parts again.

Yes, 1.8.5.

These are all edited songs that I have created in Pro Tools, and they sound perfect in BBManager (punchy bass notes, etc…) but when I sync to BB pedal bass notes sustain.

Is there a setting on the pedal I should change?

Can you post one of the songs here??? And also…What version of BBM did you use when you FIRST imported the completed piece from PRO TOOLS?

See attached, I took Purple Haze (I can’t remember who originally programmed or I’d give credit. Update: It was Guitar Stu) made it a one hit. I made a million edits; the phased double hit snares a little different, edited out hi-hats on crashes to save polyphony, added an ending, made the bass punchier/snappier in places and a bunch more. I am using Rock With Bass New (one that I created, no choke group, non-perc) With that kit in BB Manager it sounds perfect, but when I did sync with BB pedal that kit I created, has the bass notes sustaining. Is the kit not being created in the pedal correctly? is there something I need to set in the pedal?

OK … this is ENTIRELY my fault and I need to make apologies to you. In 1.8.5, you are absolutely correct … it wont sound right. The newest firmware isnt out yet … so be patient. and run your songs using the “old” style of kits. By the way, Purple Haze sounds great! Mind if I keep it???

See what I wrote below.

See what I wrote below

Yes, for sure. Thank you for helping. Any news on new firmware release date?

No news, except that they ARE working on it … cant believe that I completely misinterpreted … by the way … PLEASE check your conversation area.

Thank you, will do.