Clueless on BBMO download

Ok admitedly im a little slow on the uptake at age 72; but i am anxious to utilize the BBMO for editing and such. I installed Chrome on my Mac to accomodate the BBMO. I looked on the Singular site for the Download and it comes up with the single page document.
Manual says first step is click open project, i click on my Beatbuddy location and get data, default.lib, Drumsets, Effects, Params, Playlists, songs and user.lib in the drop down.
I click songs and get a drop down of a bunch of files named, D674D248, E33B75D7…etc.
if i select one of those mystery files, i get the “Let site edit files” drop down, i click edit files and nothing happens, im still either looking at the same opening single page or i have seen something about making another directory on my computer (help)
I can generally decode most technolgy given a little time and a lot of cursing. I was hoping there would be a You Tube video showing the step by step. I did find a single Singular video with a lady detailing all that the BBMO can do…no info on how.
I have owned and used the BB for years and i did just a little editing on the old manager…and am excited for a better editor. Please give me some direction.

Follow these steps (there are some screen shots below the steps to illustrate what you should be seeing).

  1. Click on the link in blue text , download and unzip the Default Content 2.1 from to your Mac’s desktop

  2. Copy this link and then open Chrome and paste it into Chrome.

  3. The BeatBuddy Manager Online (BBMO) landing page should now appear…

  4. Click on Open Project in the upper left corner and navigate to the Default Content 2.1 folder on your desktop—this is your project folder.

  5. When the project folder opens, press Select.

  6. Press Edit files and your project will now appear.

If you’re still having problems, reach out to Support, via email.

Thank you. I will give it a try this AM. I do have the Premium Content package from years back and that is copied and backed up to my computer. Rather than loading the default content is it safe to assume loading the backup should work. Thanks again.

It should and I would encourage you to make a duplicate of that project folder

  • Select the folder so that it’s highlighted
  • Press CMD-D

Thank you.

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Persist, i am in and operational. Thank you very much!

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Good to hear.