Combine folders?

I have my forum generated content songs broken down by genres in different folders, but that is not working for me, sometimes the line between classic rock and blues for example can be blurry, and I don;t remember which folder it might be in. I have so many folders I can’t remember what is where (and that includes multiple songs from the “most popular” premium content series). It takes longer to change folders on the BB than to scroll down an even large list, and that’s even assuming you know what folder the song is in.

Is there way to combine multiple folders, e.g. Blues and Rock? like “cur and paste” multiple songs?
In order to be useful, the songs would have to be organized alphabetically, is there a way to sort them? (I asked a similar sorting question a few years ago but there was no other way to do it than to move each song individually)

The only way I know to do both those things is to export all songs back to the computer in a single folder, then re-import them (because it will be done by alphabetical order)

Bonus question: is there a search function in the BM so I can find what folder “American Pie” might be in for example? In my case it’s “Most popular songs vol 9” at least but I couldn’t tell you if it’s in other folders. Maybe Stu has a “with Bass” version?

Another Bonus Question: is there a way to do nested folders? what if I had a Beats folder and a Songs folder at the top level, then the Beats folder has each style (country, funk, blues, etc…)

Guiatr Stu split his set with bass into 3 folders. Is there a limit to the number of songs per folder?

Unfortunately, still no way to manage multiple songs (other than by folder) as the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) has not been updated in almost 3 years.

To my knowledge, there is no simple way to merge the contents of 2 folders.

There’s no sort function to alphabetically order songs. Pretty much a manual process of moving each song within a folder.

There is no search function although on my Mac, sometimes I luck out by using CMD F (find) by folder.

Sorry. No nested folders capability, either.

I think I’ll try exporting folders to a single directory on the computer then re-import and see what happens.

I guess I’ll find out if there is a max songs per folder the hard way :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick answer

Knew I was forgetting one of your questions. 99 songs per folder and 99 folders per project.

Thanks, I just realized there was indeed a limit as drag and drop from one folder to another stopped working.

I think that the answers to the majority of your questions are probably available on this Discourse forum. Certainly a lot faster than posting questions and waiting for another user to reply. The majority of users won’t mind answering questions if they haven’t already been posted. If you’re having trouble with any searches, that might be good feedback for the forum admin.

BTW, that’s good feedback about the BB’s bad reputation on other forums. Hopefully SS is busily working to improve things.

Additionally, as you know…if you’re using midi ID to have an external device select/play a bb song, and you move the song around (in a folder or folder to folder), the it all gets screwed up. The SS programmers haven’t figure out a way to allow the ID to travel with the song. Seems simple enough to do, embed some code somewhere in the file, then extract/read, but it’s nit high on their to-do list. It’s a shame.

In the end I decided I was going to create on folder per letter. Not horrible to ha vea large library of songs at my fingertips.
I also need to collate my numerous beat folders by Genre