Combining Beatbuddy, Aeros Looper and MIDI Maestro into ONE Pedal to rule them all

Although I have bought all 3, it might be interesting to combine them all into ONE single pedal to rule the world. What say you all? It may be more expensive, but not more than buying all three plus the midi cables… etc… etc.

Yes, assuming it’s not that much bigger device, and the pricing will be tricky.

Lots off benefits to combine Aeros and BB. They both have different concepts of loop, measure, parts, songs that need coordination. Possible by midi, but I don’t think SS will get it perfect (and the MM hardware is too limited to be part of anything bidirectional unless they use Bluetooth).

I’ve suggested Aeros sell an add-on download to add a virtual beat buddy to the device. It would really need an extra (midi?) switch to handle this. I don’t think SS is up for this until some future v2 that had that button and was designed for this. Shame.

The nice thing about the download model is that it gets away from sticker shock of it a high priced combo unit. People will pay close to $1k for two pedals bought one at a time, but if that’s the going price for a combined pedal, there will be smaller demand for it. If the download could work on currently shipped Aeros units, then you have an easy, direct way to sell add-on products instantly with no costs to ship extra
hardware. Just knowing that the device was capable of expansion would probably bump up what I would pay for the box with just one feature (like the looper) unlocked.

MM capability would be nice as well. Would be nice in terms of saving space in your board. You have the buttons, use them for more than one purpose.

Thinking huge, once you have a digital platform with enough power, UI, and ports, you can sell other applications to run on it. And you can sell those apps cheaper than a one function pedal with all new (redundant) hardware.

I would almost be content if all 3 pedals had the same footprint. The Beat Buddy jacks everything up with cables out the side instead of the back like the other 2. Having said that, I would definitely purchase a single pedal that encompasses the abilities of all 3.

Cool discussion with lots of pros and cons on both sides. Thanks for the thoughtful input.

Especially that lovely mini-din. Just sticks out and falls out if you look at it!.

SS could save space by using stereo in/out jacks (that convert to mono if you use a mono cable), combine the headset and output volume control (perhaps a tap to change which it controls), go to a single encoder for drum set/tempo/song/nav/tap ala the BB mini, move the sdcard to the side or just get rid of it, and change midi to two trs jacks or a single trrs jack.

While we’re redesigning it, change the back plate to be reversible/flat on the inside to allow for flipping it and adding velcro. All pedals should do this!

Not sure I’d want a much larger BB unless it has a second switch, and I’m not sure I want that. Perhaps a larger display. Could fit a second footswitch on the current model if you got away from the Boss style cover (which must be more expensive for SS). And pressing both switches could give you a third.

Perhaps it’s time for a BB Mk II (and perhaps they could reduce parts/assembly cost to make that pay for the redesign effort by itself).

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