Come As You Are

Hello everyone,
I am trying to change Time Signature (one tone down) the song [Come As You Are OPB 2018-09-13 - Nirvana] and I have not succeeded with the BBM.It only sounds good without editing with NP StdPBass 63-91. When editing the bass sounds bad and cannot be modified, only with Rock with Bass, but the Bass does not sound good.
Is there anyone of you who knows how I could do it?
Thank you .

If you are using the built-in MIDI Editor to lower the bass notes one tone, this could be the reason the bass does not sound good.

Best to use a DAW to transpose bass.

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I have it in Em. I know I did some editing to it but not sure if it was moving the key, splitting it up into parts or something else:

Here it is if you need it: Come_As_You_Are.sng (2.8 KB)

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